It's sing a long time with Friendship Park. Don't stare at the sun for too long!

An album was made but we didn't have a music video, so we hot glued together some foam, fabric, friends, and felt into this!
Director - Austin Robert Hermann
Music - Friendship Park
Sound Design - Ambrose Yu
Producer - Christian Lathers
Director of Photography - Matt Barth
Camera Operator - Brandon Mata
Production Company - Riot Films
Gaffer/Keygrip - Jake Gottman
Puppet Builder / Puppeteer - Puppet Builder / Puppeteer - Rachel Reid, Justin Lawes, Mercy Lomelin, Chris Solada, Josh Jouppi, Collin Leix, John Hughes, Marcus Bakke, Joe Ficorelli, Mike Burdick, Olivia Blanc, Vero Gómez, Wendy Eduarte